Lauryn's List: Top 10 Cities For Coffee Lovers

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National Coffee Day (Sept. 29th) has added another reason to pour that extra cup of joe this week, and if you live in one of these cities, your cup may runneth over!

In honor of the special day celebrated by caffeine addicts and coffee lovers alike (ahem. ME!), WalletHub has ranked 2021's Best Coffee Cities in America. The results may surprise you.

Which city do you think is the best for coffee lovers? Connect with me on socials at @LaurynSnapp.

Top 10 Cities for Coffee Lovers:

10) Boston, MA

9) San Diego, CA

8) Miami, FL

7) Tampa, FL

6) Honolulu, HI

5) Pittsburgh, PA

4) Orlando, FL

3) Seattle, WA

2) San Francisco, CA

1) Portland, OR

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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