Jon Pardi's Dad Said He Knew Jon Wouldn't Be A Carpenter Growing Up

Jon Pardi recently just announced his new single "Heartache Medication" and tour called respectively Heartache Medication with special guest Riley Green. He's about to head out on the road again, but before that he's been spending some much needed time with his father on his land. Pardi brought along his father Jon Senior for his interview on The Bobby Bones Show.

During the interview, Jon Senior revealed that Pardi had bad grades in school and it was up to him to figure it out, and he got whoopings often as a kid, especially when he was with his friends. Pardi told us that his father specifically flew out to Nashville to come help him fix up his tractor that Luke Bryan bought him as a tour gift. He spends so much time out on the road that he wanted to just spend some time on his land with his dad using his hands. Jon Senior's favorite song of his son's is "She Ain't In It."

On the hot topic of "Old Town Road" being a country song, Pardi said while laughing "the lyrics are country" and then shared "I like this song, whatever it is it's working." He also talking about his time on American Idol, where Bobby Bones was the mentor. He performed alongside the American Idol winner Laine Hardy and Pardi tried to pump him up a lot before and tell him "we're gonna win this!"

As the interview went on, we learned a lot about Pardi and his time before he got famous. He revealed that at one point he spent some time in the jail 'drunk tank' because some police officers thought he was drunk, it later came out that he wasn't. But Pardi joked "just don't do anything to get in jail [...] it isn't fun."

Watch the full interview with Jon Pardi and his dad Jon Senior on The Bobby Bones Show.

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