TMSG: Colorblind Student's Classmates Surprise Her With Corrective Glasses

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A twenty-two year old student can now see in color for the first time in her life thanks to her classmates. Savannah Allen had enrolled at UC Blue Ash College to follow her dream of becoming a pediatric dental hygienist however, she soon realized that being colorblind might be a major setback. She realized it was a problem, though, when one of her instructors pointed out all the spots she was missing while scaling a patient.

She had confided in a group of classmates about her concerns and those classmates did not want to see her drop out of the program; so they researched treatments for color blindness. They found a pair of glasses that would be able to correct Allen's condition and were able to raise enough money to buy them. They gifted her the glasses during class one day and she says she's never been more grateful.

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