Bobby Was Embarrassed After Not Receiving Text Back In Dating Situation

Dating in 2019 isn't easy. There are all kinds of new dating terms from benching to ghosting to things happening that don't even have words or phrases for them yet. It's a rough world dating with technology and all the things fighting against traditional relationships.

Bobby Bones is doing his best to date and taking every opportunity to meet someone from dating apps to letting his friends hook him up with someone. He's had a few successful dates, but hasn't quite found a person worth continuing dates for yet. Recently, a friend who works for the dating app Bumble said she had the perfect person to hook Bones up with. Well, he reached out to her and it happened to be her birthday so he sent a 'happy birthday' text and she responded, but after his next reply, he never heard back from her.

He felt very embarrassed by the situation, even though this kind of thing happens all the time in dating. In some of the innocent forms, it's known as ghosting where people seem interested and then all of the sudden stop responding without reason. Bones asked Morgan2 her opinion on the matter since she's in the dating world right now as well and she says she's always felt that when people don't respond over texting they aren't interested. At this day in age, people are always on their phones so if a person can't respond, it's a sign they don't want to rather than not being able to.

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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