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Anne Hudson Wrapping Paper Hack

Photo: Anne Hudson

I was home sick all weekend (like most of South Austin) with the FLU! Ugh. Kill me! It's going around so bad in Austin.

Anywho... I was bored & decided to wrap some Christmas gifts (bought these awhile ago on major sale, I'm never this together or this early for Christmas. A complete one off)! :) ha

BUT.... I wanted to share how much I'm loving this wrapping paper hack. PINK BUTCHER PAPER!

It's such a pretty shade and it's cheap (compared to wrapping paper)!

So just something fun, if you're looking for some gift wrapping ideas.

Here's a link to my Amazon store, with all the items in my picture linked, if you're interested. It says I get "commissions", which I think it's like a penny for every $1k sold or something super small!? I dunno, but it's not about that, just wanted to make it easy for you, if you want easy links!

Happy Wrapping! xo, Anne

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