HannahO: My Top 3 Manchester Moments.

Wow. I truly encourage everyone to watch + listen to some of the performances from yesterday's benefit, One Love Manchester. 

Each performance was so heartfelt. You know non of it was for the artists' gain. It truly was to give back. 

Manchester is one of many moments, I've personally had this year of a reminder to how precious life is. Like we really only get one shot at this. Live it up as much as you can. 

I always like Ariana Grande when I was first introduced to Kat Valentine on Victorious. Ariana always has had and infectious cuteness haha. The Dangerous Woman album was the jam. Every song on the album is fun, and has me dancing and belting it out. Even though none of us can sing like Ari. 

I also started to follow one of her dancers, Lady Cultura. Who is the only woman on Ari's dance team. With social media today and stories, I honestly really grew to connect to them. Seeing their tour and life journey. 

I went to Ari's concert when she came through Texas in April and it's horrible that the peace and joy of a concert was terrorized in Manchester. That pain shouldn't be put on anyone. 

It's insane to me how strong Ari is for going back and putting together this benefit so quickly. And how strong Manchester and England are for selling it our in less than 15 minutes and raising over $13 million dollars.

One of the most sentimental performances. Ari closed the show with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

Ari grew up in broadway theatre, and has always been a Judy Garland. The hope that this song instills was so perfect for One Love Manchester.


I'm a huge Miley Cyrus fan. As I watched her introduce a new song, Inspiration to the crowd, I couldn't help but cry. 


Her and Mac stole my heart. The way they look at each other ahhh. Such a beautiful couple and awesome to see them share their love with Manchester. 


Okay, after watching all the videos. There's more. The Black Eyed Peas and Ari singing Where is The Love? Wow. Powerful. 


and Justin praying and crying. 

Anne Hudson

Anne Hudson

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