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Matthew McConaughey For Texas Governor? Is This His Campaign Commercial?

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We have all heard the rumors. Hollywood star, and fellow Texan, Matthew McConaughey is considering a run for Governor of the great state of Texas.

Matthew McConaughey is a native Texan, born in Uvalde, Texas which is just west of San Antonio and attended High School in Longview, Texas.

McConaughey is an avid Texas Longhorns fan, and just about as Texan as one gets. So when the rumors started swirling about him running for Governor, nobody was really that shocked.

In a recent interview, McConaughey was asked to address the rumors and let the people know if he is ACTUALLY going to run for Governor. He said, "Well, it’s come up a lot lately. And I’m gonna say to you now the same thing I’ve been saying, which is true. It’s not a dodge. And when I say it’s something I’m giving consideration, absolutely,"

The current Governor of Texas is Greg Abbott, and his term is up next year. Governor Abbott will be running for re-election, winning would mean his third term as the Governor of Texas.

This got me thinking. What would Matthew McConaughey's Governor Campaign look like? I think we all remember the TV Commercials he did for Lincoln Cars.

If not, here is a little refresher.

Obviously people love Matthew McConaughey because of his awesome personality. So, I don't think he would change during a run for Governor. Which means, his Campaign TV Commercials would probably look A LOT like his Lincoln commercials...Right?

So, I decided to shoot one myself and give the people of Texas an idea of what they might be seeing on TV very, very soon.

What do yall think? Would you vote for Matthew if this is what you saw on TV? I think I would!

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