Texas Restaurant Is One Of 24 'Best New Restaurants' Of 2023

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Bon Appétit recently released a list of the "24 Best New Restaurants of 2023."

Restaurant editor Elazar Sontag wrote, "We decided to make this year’s list longer than it has been in the past. The restaurant world is packed with creativity right now, and these 24 spots represent the very best of dining. So hop in the car, catch a ferry, or—if you’re lucky—simply walk down the block. Wherever this list takes you, we know that these restaurants will bring you as much joy as they’ve brought us."

Seafood eatery Este in Austin, TX, scored a coveted spot on the rankings.

Here is what was written about the esteemed establishment by reporter Sontag:

"By the time Este opened in East Austin, it seemed like pretty much everyone knew the restaurant would be a hit. That’s thanks to chef-partner Fermín Nuñez and co-owner Sam Hellman-Mass, who developed quite a following for Suerte, their nearby temple to fresh masa. Just-made tortillas are every bit as good here, but seafood dishes inspired by the Mexican coast are the main event. Camarones “El Ricas”—juicy, butterflied shrimp—are drenched in chile-garlic butter, their charred shells tender enough to eat in one bite. A fillet of trout comes sheathed in an earthy sesame-chile crema and dotted with beads of trout roe, all meant to be scooped into still-steaming corn tortillas. There’s also very good pork carnitas and a stunning 24-ounce T-bone steak (this is Texas, after all). At Este, though, you’d do best to focus all your attention on the bounty of fresh seafood, prepared with such care that steak won’t even cross your mind."

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