Texas Mayor Resigns After Shocking Arrest

Photo: Dallas police

Mayor Matthew McIlravy of Pilot Point, Texas, has resigned from his position a week after being arrested and charged with soliciting a minor online.

McIlravy was elected in May and arrested on June 21 after a five-month police investigation, according to Chron. The ex-mayor submitted his resignation on Thursday, June 23, to acting interim mayor Chad Major.

Arrest documents show McIlravy, 42, exchanged online messages with an undercover Dallas Police Department officer he thought was 13 years old. McIlravy, who is married and has two kids, said he wanted to engage in "deviant sexual intercourse" with the girl. The Dallas Police Department said the five-month-long investigation is what led to the mayor's arrest. He also had "additional communication with minors" that haven't been identified yet.

McIlravy was released on bail on June 21.

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