Texas Brewery Launching 'Hot Dog Water' Flavored Seltzer

Photo: Getty Images

One Texas brewery is gearing up to release a rather interesting new flavor of seltzer.

KENS 5 reported that Martin House Brewing Company is launching a hot dog water flavored seltzer in July. The new flavor will be released at Glizzy Fest, an event honoring hot dogs.

Glizzy Fest takes place on July 16th in the Martin House Brewing Backyard. There will be a John Cougar Mellencamp cover band playing.

According to the brewery's Facebook, the seltzer is a 5.2% seltzer called "Bun Length." There will be 420 tallboy cans available to-go.

Don't worry... if hot dog water flavored seltzer doesn't seem like your thing, there will also be 25 beers on tap.

Martin House Brewing Company posted on Facebook:

"🌭 Getting the hot dog water ready for the glizzy seltzer."

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