California Company Is Paying Its Employees To Move To Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Chevron is planning to sell its headquarters in California. Its headquarters will stay in California, but its employees don't have to.

The oil company's HQ in San Ramon, California, will be sold so it can "move to a more modern space," according to KHOU. "The current real estate market on the West Coast provides the opportunity to find a better suited office space to meet the requirements of its employees based in San Ramon," Chevron told KHOU.

Chevron said it's willing to pay its employees who are willing to move to Houston. The company will cover the moving costs for those who choose to voluntarily relocate to the Lone Star State.

The current Chevron office in downtown Houston holds about 8,000 employees, which is triple the size of the one in California. The company did not reveal how many employees it anticipates moving to Houston.

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