Hot 20 Goes Backstage at Brad Paisley & Ellen DeGeneres' Concert

Brad Paisley and Ellen DeGeneres are kind to one another and to their close-knit Santa Barbara community. 

The celebrity friends recently teamed up for “The 2nd Responders” concert to raise money for victims of the Southern California Thomas Fire and the mudslides that hit Montecito, California, in January, and CMT Hot 20 Countdown got exclusive access to the event. 

Brad told CMT’s Cody Alan backstage at the Santa Barbara Bowl why it’s important to continue to support local recovery efforts in the area. 

“This is such a great getaway,” Brad said, “and I love so many things about it, and that’s what’s been so devastating is watching this place suffer in a way that nobody expected. It reminded me of what happened in Nashville in 2010 with our flood. We had this thing out of the blue, which turned what is usually an idyllic place to live into what felt like a war zone.” 

The “Last Time for Everything” singer added getting Ellen involved was an automatic “Yes.” 

“She and I were in contact throughout texting each other, ‘What have you heard? And what’s going to happen? Are we in danger?’ And then when it all went through I just kept thinking I want to do something,” he said. 

Get full access to “The 2nd Responders” concert with Brad and Ellen this Saturday and Sunday (May 19-20) at 9a/8c on Hot 20 Countdown.



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