This is just heartbreaking...

This entire family was shot in the head last night, inside their home!  

Cassidy Stay (far left) is 15-years-old & she is the only survivor.  She is in critical condition.  

Ron Haskell, 33, is the ex-husband of the mothers sister. 

He showed up to the family's home dressed as a Fed-Ex employee.  

Cassidy answered the door, said the family wasn't home & he left.  Haskell returned a short time later and kicked the door down.  

He tied Cassidy up & waited for the family.  When the family arrived, he tied all of them up and placed them face down on the floor, he asked them where his ex-wife was, when they said they didn't know he shot each of them in the head, execution style.  

Cassidy played dead & called 911 when Haskell left the home.  

Cassidy informed police that he was on his way to kill her grandparents.  

After a 4-hour stand off with police, he surrendered.  

This story is just so sad.... 

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