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Police commissioners set to vote on whether to reappoint Chief Beck


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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles police commissioners are scheduled to vote today on whether to reappoint police Chief Charlie Beck for a second five-year term.

The anticipated vote comes a day after the Los Angeles Police Department faced questions over a Los Angeles Times investigation that found an estimated 1,200 violent crimes -- mostly aggravated assaults -- that occurred in 2013 may have been downgraded to minor offenses in crime statistics reported to the federal government.

LAPD officials said the misclassifications were inadvertent and the result of the ``complex nature'' of fitting crimes defined under state law into the ``FBI's coding system.'' The department has long recognized the problem and has worked to reduce the error rate in classifying aggravated assaults, officials said.

The skewed statistics does not change the department's contention that crime has dropped consistently in the past 11 years, LAPD officials said, while the miscoding of the crimes did not affect how they were ultimately prosecuted.

In the months after putting in his request for a second term, Beck has found himself targeted in allegations -- some raised by a political blogger -- suggesting he may have intervened in a disciplinary case involving an officer who was accused of having improper relationships with the chief's daughter, LAPD Officer Brandi Pearson.

Another allegation raised questions about the department's $6,000 purchase of a horse that Pearson owned for use by the department's equestrian unit. Officials said the sum was substantially below the going rate.

Department officials have denied any wrongdoing in either case, saying Beck recuses himself from any involvement in matters involving his daughter or son, who is also an LAPD officer.

Beck later acknowledged signing correspondence related to the department's purchase of the horse, saying his previous comments that he had no involvement was ``mistaken.''

Beck submitted a letter to the Police Commission in May officially seeking a second term. He was required to submit an application to the commission 180 days before the end of his first term, which is Nov. 17.

The commission has until Aug. 19 to decide if they want to keep Beck as chief. Community meetings were held as part of Beck's reappointment process.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is scheduled to hold a news conference at noon following the commission's decision.

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