SANTA CLARITA (CNS) - A young man whose selfie landed in the ``cloud''  of a Santa Clarita burglary victim whose iPhone was taken July 30 said he got  the gadget from an aunt who bought it at a swap meet.

'`I didn't steal it,'' he told NBC4. ``I went to a swap meet and my  aunt bought it for me,'' Larry Beltran Jr. said after showing up at the  sheriff's station with his parents Wednesday -- hours after the sheriff's  department provided the images to the news media, calling Beltran and his  girlfriend persons of interest.

The iPhone was stolen in a burglary, and the owner later logged onto  her cloud account and found a selfie showing a man and woman she did not know.

``It's embarrassing. I didn't have no idea it would be all over the news  or anything, you know?'' Beltran said.

Beltran's aunt said she picked up two iPhones for $80 and gave one to  her nephew, thinking she got a bargain.    

``I didn't know I put my nephew in bad situation,'' she said.