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Texas Lottery Trivia - Tuesday


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We want you to win big this summer with the Texas Lottery. That's why we're asking you a question everyday based on the Texas Lottery for your chance to win the hottest scratch off game this summer, the $500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast.

It's simple. Everyday you will get a new trivia question. We then want you to quess the answer out of the following selections below and enter the answer into the search/keyword box at the top left of this screen.

If you enter the word correctly you will be taken to the contest to enter to win! If not then you get to try again.

Each day several winners will be selected to win multiple scratchoffs for the $500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast.

Here's your Lotto question!

The Texas Lottery has a new scratch off that features Austin's own ___________ of the Americas?

A) circuit

B) blanket

C) circle

D) cruise

Enter your answer (one word) into the keyword/search bar at the top right of this page!

Check back tomorrow for another trivia question and for another shot to win!

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